Andreas, 34, Interior Designer


Because of chronic back pain I found my way to Yoga Hamburg just about a year ago – I was thrilled and decided to keep up Iyengar Yoga. Since a couple of weeks ago my back pain disappeared almost completely. Not only my body awareness in general keeps improving through the yoga practise but it makes me much more flexible, calmer and more relaxed!


Bettina, 45, Editor

A central instruction in Iyengar yoga is to lift the heart. But in my case even the muscles of the pelvic floor have lifted and become stronger! Until a year ago my pelvic floor was in a very poor state (according to my doctor) and after only one year’s practising yoga it improved dramatically (confirms my doctor) and I do feel much, much better. What a success!

Christina, 21, Student

For me yoga practise is the ideal compensation for my studies which can be very hard at times. As a plus yoga is a great was to strenghten my muscles and improve my stamina.

Günter, 41, Therapist

For me each Iyengar yoga class is fresh and fascinating. There are always new asanas to discover, new aspects to explore in asanas and unknown areas of the own body.

Kerstin, 32, Personnel project manager

Through yoga I find my personal balance. It is a combination of relaxation, strength and a lot of patience with myself.

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