Marina Pagel

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Certified Iyengar-Yoga-teacher Junior Intermediate 3 (IYD), Psychotherapist (Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Family Constellation:

Marina has been practising since 1989 and teaching since 1998. She started because of Rheuma and dorsal pain.

As part of ongoing development, she has made several trips to Pune to study with the Iyengars and also taken part in many workshops in Germany with national and visiting international teachers.

2002 she opened with Christo Iwantschew their yoga school IYENGAR YOGA HAMBURG. She believes that yoga can enhance the life of everyone and can be started at any age. She holds the Junior Intermediate certificate.


Christo Iwantschew

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Christo has been practising since 1989 and teaching since 2000. He has attended classes at RIMYI, Pune on 4 visits, and is a Senior Intermediate teacher and Ergotherapist.

His teaching style is marked by clarity, simplicity and humour and he has a particular interest in remedial work.


Ann Ewerwahn

Iyengar-Yoga-teacher Introductory (IYD). Ann teaches gentle and friendly and a lot of Surya Namskar.




Birgit Böttcher

Birgit finished a teachers training in hatha yoga with the BDY, before dedicated herself to Iyengar Yoga. She is now certified on level introductory and ia attanding workshops with senior teachers regulary. Her teaching is precise, structured and very warmly humorous. due to her own issues, she is specifically interested in a healthy spine and knows all sorts of therpeutic asanas for backpain. Birgit is also an assistant in the yoga therpy class and offers special classes für spinal- and bac -problems.


Claudia Schaffhausen




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